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We offer different solutions:
Summer houses
Grill/BBQ houses
Sauna houses
Holiday homes 

We build the module houses to your specifications and needs. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.

Supporting structures: For the supporting structure construction we use glulam beams with a cross section of 200x320mm or bigger. In the walls we use planed strength graded wood with a C24 marking. The vertical frame wall is 45x145/45x195/45x220/45x245. In between the frame wall we use heat insulation of stone wool or glass wool (Paroc, Rockwool, Isover). The frame will be covered with a wind barrier plate or wind barrier fabric (Tyvek, Delta Vent). The wind barrier will be covered with paneling,  wood kimms, plywood or other materials. In all our constructions we use rodent proof webs/fabric.

Floor: In the water rooms we use ceramic tiles and PVC materials. For the floor heating systems we use Devi's heating cables. In the living areas you may choose between a classical wood floor, parquet, laminate, cork tree or other flooring solutions. The insulation layers of the floors is at least 250mm or more.

Roof: It's possible to choose between a pitched or a flat roof. For example on the flat roof we install a quality 2xSBS coil. For the pitched roof we can install roofing tin plates. The thickness of the insulation layer in the ceiling is at least 300mm.

Doors/windows: The house should be built weather proof to avoid unnecessary expensive heating solutions. Inthe bathrooms we use Devi's floor heating. With smaller houses it's best to use electric heating or a fireplace. With bigger houses we could install solar power, ground heating or other solutions.

Ventilation: In the bathrooms of the smaller houses we use quality Systemair exhaust ventilators. In the living areas we use fresh air valves. In a house built with many module house connections it's best to use a heat recovery ventilation system.

Foundation: The most economic and healthy solution would be a log/post foundation. It is ventilated from below and thanks to that radon can not enter the house.

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