A module house or a space element house is the spacious element of a construction, where the floor, walls, ceiling and roof have already been built and attached in the factory. The built elements will be transported to the building site and it will be attached to the foundation to become a full building.
Both trucks and boats can be used for the transportation of the module houses. It is possible to build small houses or even up to 5 story buildings with the modules. Depending on the size and height of the building the house will be constructed of one or many modules.

House factory space elements maximum gauges are usually:
Lenght: up to 12m
Width: up to 5,5m
Height: up to 4m

Leaving the factory our produced houses have:
- all windows and doors are installed
- fully built electrical, water and waste systems
- all sanitary systems installed
- all ventilation systems installed
- interior finishing and most exterior finishing is done
- if the client wishes all kitchen and other interior instalments
- all moduls undergo a thorough quality control

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